Advanced Communication Technology

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Optimizing Internet Speeds

Advanced Security Connections

Streaming 6 Times More Data With Our Compression Software

It all starts with our Advanced Communication Technology where we have developed a next-generation, hybrid compression software package. The capabilities of our compression software are unmatched and can deliver an astounding (6) times more data throughput on any device that’s connected to the Internet, regardless of the network provider.

Our communication technology is designed to solve online buffering problems when streaming live video events or watching high-definition (HD) movies online and more. Our communication technology improves the downloading of large data files more efficiently by our compression algorithms that were developed by our Founder, Mr. James R. Owens.

The patent pending compression technology significantly reduces the data package size and enhances the data traffic control, which results in increasing data throughput on all levels of telecommunications protocols in the world today.

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Human Interfacing Technology

Human Interface Brain Waves

Coding the Interface to the Human Brain

One of our biggest challenges today is coding the interface to the human brain. This used to be a field of science fiction but with today’s advances in technology, the things that we can accomplish today are closer than we previously thought possible.

At Soft Tech we are pioneering our way into this field, discovering the needs, benefits, and rewards of this achieving this objective.

Our team of developers are working diligently to achieve major milestones in this area of technology as we forge our way forward towards the mark in achieving this great feat. Along the way, we’re discovering substantial benefits that will positively impact the medical field as well, coupled with improving our own personal enjoyment in life.

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JOSTM Technology is a proprietary software development environment that utilizes a combination of unique coding practices and advanced programming techniques to achieve optimum performance and security in data delivery software products for mobile platforms and enterprise infrastructure applications.  JOSTM Technology enables extraordinary data compression, data speed, data storage and data security.


JOSTM – powered software products, such as Gigabyte SlayerTM and  Warp-GTM, are expected to enable individuals and companies to experience significantly improved data access at a lower cost for consumption.

These products are expected to routinely outperform other related products in the marketplace by providing optimal data delivery solutions.


-       Advanced and proprietary software development environment.

-       AI-based programming methodologies utilizing multi-platform coding technologies.

-       Produces optimum data delivery performance.

-       JOSTM is the power behind other innovative technologies.