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Welcome to Soft Tech where we design, develop and deliver tomorrow’s software today. Here at Soft Tech we are constantly focusing on improving the way software is created and implemented. We know how important it is to have reliable, yet innovative, coding practice.

We utilize our unique coding practice and advanced technique to create structural commands that achieve optimum performance in our application development. Our staff is comprised of dedicated developers with 30+ years of experience at all levels of software development.

Soft Tech is committed to creating exceptional software solutions, delivering results for our partners, advancing human achievement, and contributing to global progress.

Our Field of Interest

Advanced Communication Technology

Human Interfacing Technology

JOS Intelligence Onboard

We live and breathe code it’s in our DNA



Advanced Communication Technology

Intelligent Software

Optimizing Internet Speeds


Advanced Security Connections

Streaming 6 times more data with our compression software.

It all starts with our advanced communication technology where we have developed a hybrid compression software package. The capabilities of our compression software are unmatched and delivers an astounding 6 times more data throughput on any device that’s connected to the INTERNET regardless of your network provider.

Our communication technology is designed to solve online buffering problems while streaming video live events or watching HD movie video online and more, it also improves the downloading of large data files more efficiently by our compression technology that was developed by our Founder Mr. James R. Owens. Our patent pending compression technology significantly reduces the data package size and enhances the data traffic control and increasing data throughput on all levels of telecommunications in the world today.

Soft Tech exploration into the Human Mind


Human Interfacing Technology

Here today one of our biggest challenges is coding the interfacing to the human brain. This used to be a field of science fiction but with today’s technology the things that we have and can accomplish are closer than we ever thought possible before.

Here at Soft Tech we are pioneering our way into this field discovering the needs and the benefit and rewards of this accomplishment.

Our team of developers are working diligently every day to achieve all goals in this area of Technology as we forge our way forward towards the mark to achieve this great feat we’re discovering great benefits to the medical field as well it will bring to our own personal enjoyment of life.

Have all your favorite App’s at your fingertips…







JOSTM  Technology

JOSTM Technology is a proprietary software development environment that utilizes a combination of unique coding practice and advanced programming technique to achieve optimum performance and security in data delivery software products for mobile platforms and enterprise infrastructure applications.  JOS Technology enables extraordinary data compression, data speed, data storage and data security results that can be implemented in various software solutions with global impact.


JOSTM– powered software products, such as Gigabyte SlayerTM and  Warp-GTM, are expected to enable individuals and companies to experience significantly improved data access at a lower cost.

These products are expected to routinely outperform other related products in the marketplace by providing optimal data delivery solutions.


  • Advanced and proprietary software development environment.
  • AI-based programming methodologies utilizing multi-platform coding technologies.
  • Produces optimum data delivery performance.
  • JOSTM is the power behind other innovative technologies.

We love coding and technology is our passion.







The Future and Our Mission..

The time is NOW ,,, Are you Ready?

We like to start off by declaring this is our generation of dreamers. We feel like you if we can dream it we can do “IT”.  We say dream big or go home you got to ask yourself what generation are you or are you a part of this generation of dreamers?

Nothing’s impossible if you put your mind to it and apply determination patience and diligence you will achieve what you set out to do. At Soft Tech we apply those principles everyday and live the life of pursuing our dreams and completing our purpose for all of us to enjoy.


So be a dreamer join us and let’s pursue the dream together…

The sky’s the limit!






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